What are you training for?

Somebody asked me recently; “What are you training for?”

And you know what, I didn’t have an answer for them. Sure I’ve been building up my hours in the saddle and exploring Zwift with vigour, but am I actually training? Or am I simply just riding my bike?


I don’t have any events booked, no races or time trials entered. Nothing in the pipeline. Right now I’m just on a mission to regain lost fitness, log more hours in the saddle and raise my lowly FTP. I guess at the end of the day I just like riding my bike, getting faster and hurting myself in the name of fitness. Does that count?

There aren’t many “sportive” style events down here in Tasmania, but there is a racing scene – most prominently the Southern Tasmanian Cycling Club which caters for the over-30’s brigade of cyclists wanting to race. I might check out their membership and events for next year as I know they run some time trials fairly local to me.

As winter encroaches on my Northern Hemisphere brethren, thoughts if course turn to indoor training and next year’s targets. Hours spent hammering away on the turbo or braving the elements to be ready for next Spring. At the moment the only semblance of a plan I have is to keep hitting Zwift in between weekend road sessions and hopefully come out flying (well, at least faster) in January.

So, as 2016 fades away and 2017 gets ever closer – What are you training for?

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    I train for fun and food, brother. And so I don’t end up on a slab prematurely.

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  2. Dan says:

    I train for life! Actually, I tell people that I never train; I just ride…..a lot.

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    1. That’s close to the answer I have, but it did get me thinking maybe I should have some sort of target.


  3. Steve Hellaby says:

    I’m training for fun!


    1. But is that training? Or just riding your bike fast a lot? Not that it matters, we ride because we live riding!

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  4. biking2work says:

    I ride to train…for cricket. At my age it keeps me fitter that some of the more “talented” slobs who have no stamina, no guts and no determination to make the most of what they have


    1. Interesting. So you use cycling to build a better aerobic base for your primary sport? I’ve heard a lot of the Formula 1 drivers and other professional sports people do the same.


      1. biking2work says:

        Yes I do but I quickly learnt that I need ro add in something weight bearing to maintain muscle condition. Running on grass in the spring can be a killer on tje calves and achilles!


  5. snorycewton says:

    I’m in the same boat as you. I just like to ride my bike. I’ve found that trying to beat my PRs on Strava fuels a bit of competitive fire in me.

    I guess I’m training to be a better me. A more fit version of myself. Feels noble, sounds trite and selfish but it is about me and the bike.

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  6. bonnev659 says:

    A few races and just to feel like a kid again riding my bike

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