The last day of Summer

We’ve all noticed it. That gradual transition. The evenings are getting ever so slightly darker, the winds are picking up, and that early morning chill lingering in the air may even have you reaching for a gilet. Summer is sliding away and the first signs of an impending Autumn are creeping in. Today, the 28th…

Goodbye, my dear friend Jon

You never know when that last ride will be. That last time you spend wheel-to-wheel with a friend. Racking up the miles, racing up climbs, chatting the breeze, enjoying a well earned post-ride coffee together. Those times are precious. Today we lost one of the good guys. A riding buddy of mine, Jon. Jon and…

Thank you 2022, you’ve been a grand year!

And just like that, another year draws to a close. Every year seems to go by faster and faster. I hope you all had some fantastic two wheeled adventures and used your limited time on this Earth wisely. Apart from a little health issue, I’ve had a great year both on and off the bike….

Back on Melbourne’s Beach Road!

After being stuck down on the southern island for some time now, I finally managed a trip up to Melbourne with my bike. You all know what that means. Hitting the iconic Melbourne Beach Road for some epic bunch riding! It’s no secret that I love the Beach Road. Every single morning of the week…

2022 Resolution Ride #12 – Solo spin plus my first puncture on tubeless

Sunday is usually the SunDaze bunch ride, but this week it was to be solo as the usual SunDaze riders were off having a Christmas brunch ride in Hobart. Just little old me venturing out early on a cloudy, but otherwise warm and still Sunday morning. At the last minute I decided to wheel the time trial bike out. I’m trying to ride it at least once a week to stay in tune with the position.

2022 Resolution Ride #11 – The Devil’s in the Details

With all that’s been going on in November this one almost got away from me! My mileage this month has taken a bit of a knock, but that’s all good. I wanted to give the legs a good test with a slightly tougher than usual 100km ride. The forecast looked good as I rolled out of my driveway on a mild weekday morning, but I copped a little of every season along the way.