Velo 7173: Back on Daylight Savings time!

After a long hiatus over the winter months, the #Velo7171 Wednesday Evening Ride is back! This week Adam and I kicked it off with the first of the season – making the most of the added evening sunshine brought on by the start of daylight savings time. Sneaking out the door a tad early, I…

Are Strava Challenges losing their way?

I love a good Strava challenge. The monthly distance, climbing and metric century challenges are all good motivators. But lately, I’ve noticed a trend. There seems to be an ever increasing number of third-party companies launching Strava challenges, and with this a “watering down” of the effort needed to complete them…

(not so) Free Speed

Speed. We live for it. Crave it. Want more. Am I right? Of course I’m right. If you’re not interested in riding fast, well this article probably isn’t for you. Here’s a bunch of easy upgrades that will get you flying just that little bit faster!

Review: MyVeloFit Online Bike Fit

I’ve never had a professional bike fit, but I’ve often wondered if my position is as “dialled” as I think it is on both my road bike and time trial bike. With bike fitting running at a few hundred dollars, could MyVeloFit do the same thing for a lot less? And from the comfort of your own home? I put my cards and money on the table to find out!

A matter of millimetres

Last week I got back on my Canyon Aeroad for the first time in a while. I wanted to test myself with a “race pace” style effort on a local course. After a quick warm-up I set off, aiming to stay at or above my target power for the duration of the effort. I felt…