2022 Resolution Ride #12 – Solo spin plus my first puncture on tubeless

Sunday is usually the SunDaze bunch ride, but this week it was to be solo as the usual SunDaze riders were off having a Christmas brunch ride in Hobart. Just little old me venturing out early on a cloudy, but otherwise warm and still Sunday morning. At the last minute I decided to wheel the time trial bike out. I’m trying to ride it at least once a week to stay in tune with the position.

Road tubeless tyre tips from a first timer!

I finally joined the “cult of tubeless” ditching those pesky inner tubes and switching my tubeless-ready carbon wheels to run fully tubeless. It wasn’t quite as straightforward as inner tubes, so tTo save you the same troubles I had, here’s five quick tips for anyone considering going tubeless!

Ditch the Latex inner tubes?

Pssssssssssst, pssst, pssst, pssst, pssst,… Damn, another flat. Right in the middle of a tough interval too. Not a regular “ran over a sharp object” flat either. My roadside inspection of the tube concludes this one to be a failure of the tube itself. I quickly throw in my spare Butyl tube, gas it up…

Farewell to my Planet X Stealth

After almost a decade, my Planet X Stealth and I have parted ways. I originally bought the Stealth all the way back in January 2013 during a Planet X flash sale. I was living in Berkshire (England). Even though it was one of their lower spec’d time trial offerings, it was a huge purchase for…

2022 Resolution Ride #08 – The last month of winter!

Just a short write-up for this month’s metric century. I’ve been trying to clock some decent saddle time on the time trial bike this month, getting my body used to riding in that aerodynamic tuck again. That does mean it wasn’t the most interesting or eventful of rides. The focus was simply on riding with…

Rolling resistance: Are your tyres holding you back?

When it comes to speed, one area where you can buy some noticeable performance gains are tyres. I’m not talking tyre weight, but rather rolling resistance. Fast, supple tyres absolutely make a difference.