Recovery Weeks

This week is a scheduled recovery week. I’ve been building up the duration and intensity of my training (both indoors and outdoors) over the past few weeks and I am feeling the fatigue. Historically, I don’t do recovery weeks well. I have a tendency to go all out, all the time, week after week. If…

2022 Resolution Ride #03 – Fast and Furious in Melbourne

You know those days where you leave for a cruisy 100km, but end up smashing out a fast paced and hectic 160+ instead? No? Just me? Hmmm. It’s been a while between imperial centuries and as with my other 100 mile rides, this one wasn’t planned. The legs felt good, so it just kind of…

Ironman announce new 70.3 Tasmania!

IRONMAN have just announced their latest addition to the triathlon race calendar, and it’s Tasmania 70.3 in Hobart! The inaugural event is set for a February 2023 start and I’m sure this is will become a “bucket list” event for many long distance triathletes!

How to convert Zwift ZWO workouts for use on Garmin Edge head units

With the weather improving in the Northern Hemisphere, perhaps your thoughts are turning to riding outdoors once again. Maybe you’d like to take some of those workouts you’ve been crushing on the trainer out onto the road. If you’ve not performed interval workouts outside before, it’s not always easy! You’ll also spend far too long staring at the power data on your Garmin. Pick a safe, traffic free route. Look up! As always obey traffic laws and ride safe. You know what kills gains more than missing an interval target? Colliding with the back of a bus. But if you’d like to know how to convert Zwift workouts for use on Garmin Edge head units, read on!

The end of summer

Overnight, the calendar turned to March. Down here in the southern hemisphere, that means we’ve also turned the page on Summer 2021/2022. Yep. It’s officially Autumn. The mornings have started to develop a slight chill and the keen eye would have noticed shadows growing longer earlier in the evenings. Those long, warm summer nights are…