Cycling Zen

I am more at home on two wheels than on two feet.On my bike, I can dance. I can fly.I can escape.Two wheels set me free… #cyclingzen

Marching On

March was a good month. It’s the start of Autumn here in Tasmania and although we don’t get the same “golden brown leaves” scenery as other parts of the world, it’s still one of my favourite seasons. The mornings start to get a little darker and cooler and you know that winter is just around…

Getting lower: When a slammed stem isn’t enough!

Got that stem slammed and still can’t get low enough? The standard angle stem on most road bikes is 6 degrees so if you’ve already flipped this and have it slammed right down to the headtube, you’re going to have to look at other options. The easiest way to get even lower is to switch…

Cycling Fuel: Vegan No-bake Oat Bars

This year I’ve been testing out some different recipes for “on the go” cycling fuel. Finding a healthy homemade slice/bar that tastes good, is easy to make and that can survive longer rides is tricky. Previously I’d been a fan of the Lazy Cyclist’s Flapjack, but they’re not the healthiest option! These Vegan No-bake Oat…

This is 40

Pardon my French, but how the actual flying fire truck did that happen?!?! Forty freakin years old already?!?! Sometimes it quite literally feels like I’ve been living as a 20-year-old for the past 20 years and then BAM! Forty… There’s no denying I am deep into MAMIL territory now. I’m there. I don’t feel forty….