Just a reminder to WASH YOUR BOTTLES!

Been neglecting your bottle hygene over the summer? I know it can be a bit of a chore, but please wash out your bottles as soon as possible after a ride. This is especially important if you mix any sort of energy drink into your water. Sugar plus warm, moist conditions are a recipe for some pretty nasty growth!

(not so) Free Speed

Speed. We live for it. Crave it. Want more. Am I right? Of course I’m right. If you’re not interested in riding fast, well this article probably isn’t for you. Here’s a bunch of easy upgrades that will get you flying just that little bit faster!

A bike is a fitness maker, not a body breaker!

Earlier today I was reading a post by Big Jim over at Fit Recovery. It’s worth a read as always and he sums it up nicely that cycling has never caused him an injury that has forced him off the bike. I am firmly in the same camp. Cycling has never caused me any serious…

Review: MyVeloFit Online Bike Fit

I’ve never had a professional bike fit, but I’ve often wondered if my position is as “dialled” as I think it is on both my road bike and time trial bike. With bike fitting running at a few hundred dollars, could MyVeloFit do the same thing for a lot less? And from the comfort of your own home? I put my cards and money on the table to find out!

July Wrap Up: Making it through midwinter

July. The middle month of winter for us in the deep South. July has been a “lower volume, higher intensity” month and combined with feeling a little under the weather these last few days, my overall distance has suffered. That’s fine though, it is the depths of winter after all. Luckily I managed to get…