Heart Health in Endurance Athletes: But at what cost?

This medical journey of mine has come at a cost. I’m not talking about a physical or mental cost, but an actual monetary cost. All the appointments and scans don’t come for free. Then again, what price do you put on your health? Out of interest, I thought I’d keep track of just how much it has cost me to get fully checked out.

Virtual Running on Zwift in 2022

Zwift running first launched waaaay back in 2018. Since that “beta” launch, not much has changed. Almost all of the development focus has been on cycling, where the subscriber base is. The only two running updates worth talking about were the release of the 400m “May Field” track, and running Pace Partners. There is the…

Garmin VARIA RCT715: The all-in one rear camera, light and radar combo is here!

It’s the device I’ve been waiting YEARS for somebody (read: Garmin) to release! An all-in-one rear facing camera, light and radar unit. Previously if you wanted a single device, you’ve been limited to either a “light + radar” or a “light + camera” option (essentially, the old VARIA Radar or the Cycliq Fly6 Camera). The new Garmin VARIA Radar RCT715 has been floating around under “non disclosure” for a little while now, but has finally gone public. All the usual trusted cycling internet reviewers released their thoughts in unison over the last 24 hours.

First look: FUMPA Electric Tyre Pump!

Are you tired of lugging a giant track pump around? Are your weakling road cyclist arms getting fatigued while pumping up tyres? Are you just plain lazy? Well, do I have the product for you! Introducing the FUMPA! The FUMPA is a small, electric tyre pump that will do all the “heavy lifting” for you….

Insurance: Are your expensive bikes fully covered?

BORING! Yeah, I know. Shopping around for insurance isn’t exciting. Even just thinking about it send me into a blank stare of boredom. There are SO many other things I’d rather be doing. Like even mowing the lawn. Or watching the grass grow back afterwards… But it’s important. Not only can it save you a…

Review: MyVeloFit Online Bike Fit

I’ve never had a professional bike fit, but I’ve often wondered if my position is as “dialled” as I think it is on both my road bike and time trial bike. With bike fitting running at a few hundred dollars, could MyVeloFit do the same thing for a lot less? And from the comfort of your own home? I put my cards and money on the table to find out!