2020 Resolution Rides

Each year, I set myself a goal of completing at least one metric century (100km) ride every month. For me at least, that’s great motivation to get out, rack up some saddle time and explore. Sometimes it’s a challenge to get one ridden in a month, other months I’ll ride multiple metrics. It’s all relative. This idea was spawned through a combination of my Woking CC Metric Challenge and also Paul at 36×25 who coined the “Resolution Ride” phrase!

I find 100km is a great distance to aim for. It’s far enough to make it a challenge, while not taking up most the day like an imperial century (100 miles / 160km) would. You can really go for it and ride hard or simply enjoy the time on two wheels at a relaxed pace. Below are links to my “Resolution Rides” for 2020.

January – A birthday spin!

February – Country Ramblings

March – Keeping clear of COVID-19

April – Ready for take-off

May – Body battered by broken backroads

June – Always choose RIDE!

July – The double Mount Rumney bunchie

August – No better way to spend a Tuesday morning

August Bonus Ride – Does a “virtual 100km” even count, bro?

September – Ripping into Spring on the Trek

October – Some days are too good to waste

November – The ‘Merica Decides Edition

December – South Arm Spin