2022 Resolution Ride #11 – The Devil’s in the Details

With all that’s been going on in November this one almost got away from me! My mileage this month has taken a bit of a knock, but that’s all good. I wanted to give the legs a good test with a slightly tougher than usual 100km ride. The forecast looked good as I rolled out of my driveway on a mild weekday morning, but I copped a little of every season along the way.

Things don’t always go to plan

November has been a bit rough, but I don’t really fancy talking about that. On the riding front though, last weekend I linked up with a couple of The Herd ladies for some early morning hill climb repeats. It was a beautifully fresh Tassie morning. Quiet roads, a slight chill in the air, but of…

Blame it on the Rain

Rain. I have very much had enough of it. Maybe I’m getting older, maybe I’m getting softer, but I just don’t enjoy the thought of riding in the pouring rain any more. Light rain, or rain starting once I’m out is fine, but I baulk at leaving for a ride when it’s already lashing down…

Road tubeless tyre tips from a first timer!

I finally joined the “cult of tubeless” ditching those pesky inner tubes and switching my tubeless-ready carbon wheels to run fully tubeless. It wasn’t quite as straightforward as inner tubes, so tTo save you the same troubles I had, here’s five quick tips for anyone considering going tubeless!