About Tempo Cyclist

Cyclist. Motorcyclist. Countryman. Journeyman. Lifelong Peter Pan. Sometimes I cycle a lot, sometimes I cycle a little, but I always cycle with a smile on my face.

Love: The sound of a perfectly lubed chain whirring through a freshly serviced drivetrain, slick summer tyres humming across smooth blacktop as you spin along, otherwise silently over country roads early in the morning.

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  1. David Haynes says:

    whats the australian scene like? we have club TT’s weekly what about in australia anything?


    1. Some areas are obviously better than others. There’s massive weekend group rides in Melbourne and Sydney. The big capital cities have great club and racing scenes, although evening and weekend club/open TTs are a very English thing. You’d be hard pressed to find a regular Wednesday evening 10 to enter!

      Down here in Tassie there’s a fair few groups that ride out of Hobart, mostly shop rides and a couple of clubs. Outside of the city it’s much more rural so not as big of a road cycling community (lots of dirty mountain bikers).


  2. Anthony says:

    I had totally forgotten that you were going to send me some stamps. I went to the mailbox and was totally floored. Thank you.
    I haven’t really looked at them yet as this week has been rough–back teaching face to face classes for part of the day and ….well you can imagine.
    Thank you again. I will let you know more. I will also probably blog about it in my stamp blog.
    Thanks again.

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    1. No problem! :-) Hopefully there’s one or two in there that might be useful to you. I hear you about the first week back madness, I certainly don’t miss that…

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  3. Paul Smuts says:

    Sweet looking blog mate, I like it!


    1. Thanks for dropping by! I try. :-)


  4. GeoKs says:

    You: “Love: The sound of a perfectly lubed chain whirring through a freshly serviced drivetrain, slick summer tyres humming across smooth blacktop as you spin along, otherwise silently over country roads early in the morning.”

    Oh, so true! There are a couple of spots along the Rocky Mountain Legacy trail where wood panel “railings” guard trail users from falling in a creek. They block highway traffic noise and provide a couple seconds of that awesome chain whir.

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    1. Thanks man. Rocky Mountain sounds like an awesome place to explore by bike!


  5. Frank Pasker says:

    Great Blog and very inspiring. I got into cycling a few months ago and could get a hold if the same kind of USPS bike that you have. Couldn’t afford Ultrgra, but was able to put on a new 105 and this rig runs like a charm. Thank you for your insights and keep rolling!

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    1. Nice! Thanks for dropping by. 😀


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