First Ride: FulGaz Training App

A lot has changed in the indoor training world over the past couple of seasons. No longer is it the norm to hammer out intervals in a dingy shed, staring at numbers on your Garmin while bolted to a turbo that’s louder than a jet engine. These days there’s quiet direct drive trainers, smart turbos and all manner of fancy programs from the likes of Zwift, Trainer Road and The Sufferfest.

One of the newer players on the scene is FulGaz. Having been a Zwift user for quite some time, I thought I’d check out the world of FulGaz in all it’s stunning quality.

The FulGaz training platform offers real-life super high quality video of cycling roads throughout the world for you to ride in the “comfort” of your training cave! The software takes into account your weight, drag and power output – from a powermeter or smart trainer – and adjusts the video speed (and hence rider speed) accordingly.

Cruise along real roads with real HD footage filmed by real cyclists!

It’s a great app that’s easy to set up and get going on. You can either download the route videos directly to your device or stream them over your WiFi connection. As I’m currently without broadband in my new house, I downloaded the app and a couple of videos onto my iPhone at work and then was able to ride at home without a connection. A brilliant feature!

There are many ways now to pimp out your pain cave!

Once you log into the app it will quickly pair with your devices over Bluetooth and take you to the ride menu where you can choose from a number of varied routes, including famous European climbs, race routes and popular cycling roads from across the globe.

Even when punching out over 500 watts you never, ever catch that guy…

The resistance changes when hitting virtual climbs was smooth and reactive giving a great ride feel. There’s plenty of data on screen including wattage, heart rate (optional), distance, etc. I particularly liked the route profile along the top showing what’s coming up!

See also – Adjusting the feel of FulGaz

There’s no racing or group workouts or even chasing down other riders. No matter how many watts you put out, you’ll never blow past that rider in front of you. I did get quite engrossed in the video though and found myself pedalling hard to try and catch them nevertheless.

Aside from that though, FulGaz is a worthy contender and a fantastic training App for those with smart trainers and iOS devices.

Video quality in 4K is top notch
Offers real routes and many famous climbs
Super easy to set up and use
Massive selection of rides
Can be used totally offline if you download rides

Less interactive than other platforms
No mid-ride turns or open style explorable maps

Visit the FulGaz website or download the app from your choice of App Store!

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