Five beginner running tips for cyclists

Most people tend to go from running to cycling, a relatively easy progression. Picking up running after years of only cycling is far harder and can introduce a few challenges. If you are thinking of giving running a go (and are otherwise a healthy individual) I would encourage it! Here are five tips for the avid cyclist who may be about to embark on the “beginner runner” journey…

My Garmin GPS Device Journey

I’ve owned a few Garmin GPS devices over the years. I fell into the Garmin ecosystem mostly because at the time, there weren’t really any viable options! Now there are actual decent competitors such as Wahoo, Hammerhead and Bryton. Still, I’ve (mostly) stuck with Garmin. My first ever Garmin device may come as a bit of a surprise…

Garmin VARIA RCT715: The all-in one rear camera, light and radar combo is here!

It’s the device I’ve been waiting YEARS for somebody (read: Garmin) to release! An all-in-one rear facing camera, light and radar unit. Previously if you wanted a single device, you’ve been limited to either a “light + radar” or a “light + camera” option (essentially, the old VARIA Radar or the Cycliq Fly6 Camera). The new Garmin VARIA Radar RCT715 has been floating around under “non disclosure” for a little while now, but has finally gone public. All the usual trusted cycling internet reviewers released their thoughts in unison over the last 24 hours.

How to convert Zwift ZWO workouts for use on Garmin Edge head units

With the weather improving in the Northern Hemisphere, perhaps your thoughts are turning to riding outdoors once again. Maybe you’d like to take some of those workouts you’ve been crushing on the trainer out onto the road. If you’ve not performed interval workouts outside before, it’s not always easy! You’ll also spend far too long staring at the power data on your Garmin. Pick a safe, traffic free route. Look up! As always obey traffic laws and ride safe. You know what kills gains more than missing an interval target? Colliding with the back of a bus. But if you’d like to know how to convert Zwift workouts for use on Garmin Edge head units, read on!

Dialling in the Trek 5200

I’m forever tinkering with my bikes. Even if I’m not changing anything I often check them over, adjusting cables or clearances to ensure they’re always running smooth. I also like them to look dialled. After cutting the steerer tube on my Canyon the other week, I thought I’d give the Trek a similar treatment. The…