Isolation Diaries: Inside is, ummm, $14.99 a month

Riders all over the world seem to be heading indoors this month, I guess it’s no surprise given that hundreds of thousands of people are confined to their houses. I hear there’s even a turbo trainer shortage in the UK, they’re rarer than loo rolls! I’m still working full-time here so between the office and the crazy weather, I’ve been racking up most of my miles on the turbo trainer too. This has been my view from the bars of late…

Sorry for the fisheye perspective photo. Only way I could fit it all in.

We’ve had more rain here recently than I can ever remember. The lake across the road, which has been bone dry for a year or so is full again and I could have filled my water tank ten times over! Luckily my house is not at the bottom of the hill as our drive got flooded, it hasn’t done that in years.

Without Zwift there’s no way I’d be as motivated to jump on the trainer. Chasing down other riders, working together as a bunch, organised racing, numerous different routes and locations, even after nearly 15,000 virtual kilometres I still enjoy the Zwift experience. For me it’s US$14.99 a month well spent.

If the gaming style graphics and group rides don’t do it for you, then a cracking alternative is FulGaz. I trialled their software previously. I really rated it and have just signed up for another trial. Their library has since grown to 500+ real life rides. It’s incredibly immersive as it’s all point of view footage from the riders perspective. Your virtual speed (and the footage speed) changes in sync with your effort. If you want to give it a whirl, use the code 58COFG for a 28-day free trial.

FulGaz gives you real rides, filmed by real riders. Give the free trial a go!

Today I clocked over 3 hours on the turbo, a shade over 100 virtual kilometres using a mix of both Zwift and FulGaz. Don’t get me wrong, I still plan on heading out on the road whenever I can, for as long as we’re allowed to. There’s no substitute for wheels on the tarmac and fresh air in your face.

Whatever your situation right now, be sure to pedal if you can and do something active that keeps your mental health in check. It’s crazy times for sure. #keepcycling

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  1. 3hrs on the rack! Nice one. Might try FulGaz Ive subscribed to Rouvy again. Did an AR route yesterday which was quite good which I might review next wk

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    1. Rouvy is one of the apps I am yet to try! Will be interested in hearing your thoughts.


  2. snowgood says:

    Thankfully the rule over here are pretty vague, and Boris (when he was well said we should all get out – walking or “biking”).
    Incredibly there has never been a better time to hit the roads, they’re all empty. Ironically quite a few quiet country paths are now populated by families trying to keep sane.
    I guess it helps that we live several miles from a proper supermarket, so travel restrictions are hard to enforce. As I can still work legally I was quite amazed to see just one police car in 253 miles driving last week.
    There are people getting in trouble, but use your head and life isn’t too bad here in Britain.


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