A conversation can change a life (ride your bike)

It’s been a good few weeks on the bike. Spring is in the air, it’s finally stopped with the biblical rain and my newfound work schedule has meant I can get out for the odd ride or two during the week. Life has been grand. To top things off yesterday, my flash new FulGaz kit arrived and it’s a bang on perfect match to my Trek 5200. It wasn’t quite summer kit weather, but I just HAD to wear it for a test spin.

It’s not always like that of course. Social media often shows up the best of what life has to offer, it’s all sunshine and candy on Instagram. You very rarely see the flip side. Many guys (and it’s mostly guys) who ride do so for mental health reasons. Aside from the fitness benefits, the fresh air and exercise help stimulate a positive state of mind, stave off the black dog and bring a sense of balance to their lives. 

Today (and every day for that matter) is a good day to check in with your mates. Really check in. Maybe simply getting them back out on the bike is all that is needed, maybe it’s more. If you think somebody close to you is struggling, a simple text message or could can make all the difference. Striking up that conversation can change a life. Now in the interest of your own physical and mental well-being, go ride your bike!


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  1. ericritter65 says:

    How very true. I have been using my downtime to ride much more than years past, and there are days I don’t need the physical part, but more the mental part. However, with the COVID pandemic running wild here in the SE part of the US, I have declined any and all group rides, and to be quite frank, I’m remembering the joys of solo cycling!


  2. Sheree says:

    Nothing better than a bike ride

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    1. I’m just back from one, so totally agree!

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