2020 Resolution Ride #10 – Some days are too good to waste

With my new work routine I’ve got much more flexibility when it comes to how I schedule my hours. If the sun is shining and there’s nothing too pressing on the timeline, I can duck out and enjoy a handful of weekday miles. Knowing it was going to be a sunny day yesterday, I got…

A conversation can change a life (ride your bike)

It’s been a good few weeks on the bike. Spring is in the air, it’s finally stopped with the biblical rain and my newfound work schedule has meant I can get out for the odd ride or two during the week. Life has been grand. To top things off yesterday, my flash new FulGaz kit…

2020 Resolution Ride #9 – Ripping into Spring on the Trek

Getting up and loading my Trek 5200 into the car, I had no plans on knocking out 100km this weekend, just an early solo thrash before meeting up with The Herd for their Saturday ride. I wanted to get some more saddle time on the Trek and test out the bike fit adjustments I’d made….

2020 Resolution Ride #8 – No better way to spend a Tuesday morning

Wait, didn’t I already complete this month’s ride? Now you mention it, yes I did. Kind of, but not really. You see, after my virtual 100km I just couldn’t shake the feeling that it didn’t really count. Road bikes were made to be ridden outside. Smooth blacktop beneath your wheels, clear blue sky above (usually)….

Do you spend TOO much money on cycling?

The great poet Sir Mix-A-Lot once eloquently said; “I like bling bikes and I can not lie, you other brothers can’t deny…” Ain’t that the truth! I spend a fair bit of my coin on bikes and bike related stuff. It’s a fact I can’t deny. I don’t really have many other hobbies, cycling is…