Hitting 10,000km with (almost) a bang!

I don’t often set distance targets, but mileage (kilometre-age?) is a suitably motivating metric to keep track of as the weeks and months roll by. Strava also has a handy feature that lets you set goals and easily keep track by showing how far ahead or behind you are. At the beginning of the year…

2021 Resolution Ride #09 – Down country

Spring is (almost) in the air, the days are getting lighter and brighter! What better way to spend a few spare hours than in the saddle of a fast bike. This month’s metric century was a variation on the regular Tuesday Bash “Flatlandria” ride, traversing down the South Arm and into the countryside by the sea.

The end for Shimano mechanical groupsets?

After a high end mechanical groupset? You’d better get in and buy your groupset quick! Today Shimano unveiled their new 12-speed Dura Ace and Ultegra groupsets – in electronic Di2 option only!

Just a reminder to WASH YOUR BOTTLES!

Been neglecting your bottle hygene over the summer? I know it can be a bit of a chore, but please wash out your bottles as soon as possible after a ride. This is especially important if you mix any sort of energy drink into your water. Sugar plus warm, moist conditions are a recipe for some pretty nasty growth!

(not so) Free Speed

Speed. We live for it. Crave it. Want more. Am I right? Of course I’m right. If you’re not interested in riding fast, well this article probably isn’t for you. Here’s a bunch of easy upgrades that will get you flying just that little bit faster!