A matter of millimetres

Last week I got back on my Canyon Aeroad for the first time in a while. I wanted to test myself with a “race pace” style effort on a local course. After a quick warm-up I set off, aiming to stay at or above my target power for the duration of the effort. I felt…

Revival of the Stealth!

Since 2013 my Planet X Stealth has seen life as a time trial bike and then a road bike, but for the past two years the stripped frameset has been hanging on my wall, unused and collecting dust. It’s time to get it back on the road and built up as a full-on time trial machine once again!

Where there’s wet, there’s a way

Don’t be a fair weather Watopian wimp. Riding in the rain is beautifully refreshing and builds valuable bike handling skills. Plus the post-ride coffee tastes so much better!

Are you a cyclist?

Cycling. It’s what we do, what we love, but is it who we are? If you kicked a football around the park every Saturday, you probably wouldn’t say you’re a footballer. Or perhaps you would? I don’t know. But as a cyclist (yes, I identify as one) it’s different. I was reading a post by…

2021 Resolution Ride #06 – Bag it and tag it

June is officially the first month of winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, so I always try and get the big rides out of the way early. You never know what the season will bring. With a morning of “acceptable” weather predicted, I bagged this month’s metric century resolution ride on the second day of…