If in doubt, pedal it out

With everything that’s going on in the world at the moment, it’s important to take time out once in a while. Stop reading the news, silence your phone and do something you love. Centre yourself again.

For me, that involves swinging a leg over the top tube and pedalling away into my own thoughts. Out on the road or into the woods for some trail hunting – it’s all good – either way I need that cycling release to maintain balance. It’s good for my physical health no doubt, but more importantly it keeps my mental health in check.

Keep within the boundaries of any government advice of course. We still need to be vigilant. It’s going to be a long road ahead, so if you’re allowed, get out there and enjoy some soul cleansing saddle time while you still can. It’s good for you.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane!

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  1. Sheree says:

    Sadly our pedalling has to be on the home trainer but that’s better than nothing.

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    1. Certainly better than nothing and you can only do what you can do right now. Stay strong! I’m lucky I’ve got a bit of garden to cycle around if we get totally locked down.

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  2. Cannot wait to ride my bike inside or out

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  3. Dave Dove says:

    Good advice and exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow – if Boris doesn’t put a stop to it at today’s press conference.

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    1. Enjoy your ride!! 🙂


  4. Anthony says:

    What a great title. I think that should be a t-shirt.
    I can’t wait to get on my bike. It isn’t quite warm enough yet….but I have my club membership for the year. I guess no drafting this year, but it should still be fun.

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