How is it June already?

Today is day number 157 of 365 for the year so far, fast approaching the second half of the year. June already! Hopefully you have all made the most of those one hundred and fifty six days. Make every day above ground a winner!

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere (and certainly as south as Tasmania) winter is heavy in the air. It only feels like a couple of weeks ago I was hammering out miles in my summer speedsuit – because it was! This morning the fields were covered in a thick frost as I fired up my motorbike. Thank heavens for heated gloves. My pre-work pedal powered cycle this morning was a swift one heading south out of Hobart along the Derwent River and up Bonnet Hill. The temperature hovered around 1 degree C and the wind chill made it feel a fair bit cooler. Certainly no PBs being set in this weather.

A distant memory – there’ll be no more summer kit for a while!

Luckily I have a host of warm thermal kit left over from my UK cycle commuting days so apart from my toes I was kept perfectly warm by my kit choice and laboured effort up the climb. Plus there’s the post-ride hot shower and coffee to warm everything up.

Live life folks, because life is for living! :-)

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Amen, brother!

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