2021 Resolution Ride #09 – Down country

It doesn’t quite feel like it yet, but it’s mid Spring here in Tassie. For my cycling brothers and sisters in the Northern hemisphere it’s sliding into Autumn. I hope you have been making the most of the remaining warm weather up there. It’s getting a LOT lighter here, but the cold is hanging around.

I’ve still managed to get out and knock over a few 100km rides this month though – I’d actually forgotten to write about them – so this post is a little late sorry! Having given the Canyon Aeroad a wash and service over the weekend, so it was a perfect excuse to grab the “fast bike” and head South. Oh and for anyone who says a nice bike doesn’t make a difference, they haven’t ridden enough nice bikes!

A clean bike is a fast bike!

This ride was all about putting my head down and cracking on, getting the job done. The goal was 100km at around “tempo” pace. That’s fast enough to be slightly uncomfortable at times, but still feel sustainable over the distance. Not “flat out” but not just slopping around either.

The route was a variation on the regular Tuesday Bash “Flatlandria” ride, traversing down the South Arm and into the countryside by the sea. With only 600m / 2000ft of climbing total, it’s about as flat as it gets in Tasmania. Don’t let that fool you though, the wind can really whip across the road in places. making for some sketchy crosswinds.

For a lumpier and more challenging variation, you can ride the Full Hook Spin, quite literally to the end of the road and back!

Once down past the airport, the ride follows scenic “tourist drive” roads, but also some busy country backroads complete with trucks hurtling by at speed. There are great views in parts and as Big Jim pointed out I should really take more photos. This is something I will improve on as the weather warms up. My longer rides this month have all been minimal stopping as I find it a bit cold to stop too long or too often.

So as it was I stopped for less than 15 minutes over the entire ride. It was good to spin the legs and actually feel pretty solid again (after my second COVID vaccination). I managed to keep the average speed above 19 miles an hour and make it back to the car without feeling totally exhausted. Bring on summer!

Distance: 101.4 km / 63.0 miles
Total elevation gain: 597 m / 1960 feet
Average speed: 30.9 kph / 19.2 mph

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  1. Olivia says:

    Thank you for sharing!

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  2. idlecyclist says:

    That bike looks lovely 😍 Pretty cool stand too. What model is it?

    I’ve had a bit of sickness this month, particularly this last week meaning I’ve hardly been on the bike at all and broke my streak. 8 in a row not bad for me though!


    1. It’s just a generic-brand stand I picked up locally. Very similar to the one they do in the ALDI / LIDL special buys. In fact it’s more than likely exactly the same! Very adjustable and does a good enough job, but not quite as sturdy as I’d like.

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