Cycling post-COVID vaccination

The vaccination roll-out has been slow in Australia. That’s putting it mildly. Ask most people and they’d probably use far stronger vocabulary! This week I finally got my second jab. Apart from a sore shoulder, I had no side effects from the first jab and I carried on as usual. Great! The second one wasn’t quite as smooth, but it still didn’t stop me going about my everyday life.

I certainly wasn’t bed-ridden or knocked off my feet, it was more a general feeling like something wasn’t quite right, like when you feel you might be coming down ill. Very slightly “fuzzy” in the head and a little tired.

Maybe it was the implanted high frequency mmWave 5G tracker signal chemically polarising my brain matter, or the alien liquid genetically modifying my DNA strands, or perhaps it was merely my body’s natural immune response in creating new antibodies to recognise and fight future COVID infections.

The day after my second jab I should have rested, but it was the only 20 degree C day of the week so I just had to ride! No, I didn’t have to grab the TT bike and aim for a “full gas” hour on the pedals, but hey, why not. Well, I’ll tell you why not…

Clipping in and setting off I felt fine. Power where I wanted and holding position. Aided by a bit of a tailwind I was flying. Ten minutes later, I knew I was in trouble. My Garmin bleeped “-5 poor condition” at me and I watched as my power started to drain away. As I turned into the headwind I could feel my heart rate getting close to maximum.

Almost entirely in zone five! Averaged 176 bpm for the hour…

Pushing on I still managed to hold a decent enough average speed, but I couldn’t put down anywhere near the power I should have been able to, a good 20 watts down on average. Although I should have been fresh, it felt a lot like built up fatigue. I finished my hour’s session happy to have ridden hard, but a little disappointed on my overall performance. I really don’t like it when I can’t hit my power targets.

It’s 100% my fault though! I really should have eased off the gas. Perhaps gone for a short ride simply turning the pedals or exploring some quiet gravel roads. That afternoon I took the dog for a long walk from my place down to the beach, which was a much better idea.

I think a couple of lower intensity rides are on the cards.

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  1. ericritter65 says:

    I had the same reaction you did to the both jabs! Oh, and in about a month those implanted chips will align and you can get satellite radio to play in your head for free!

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    1. I hope so, the reception inside my head is terrible! 😆

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  2. bgddyjim says:

    Definitely take it easy, brother. I was massively sick for my first, but my second was only 31 hours of crap… but I took a day off for number two. Maybe two. Let your body concentrate on learning to heal you instead of putting out watts for a few days.

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    1. Thanks. I definitely needed a few easy days!

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