Oakley M-Frame Lance Armstrong Signature Series

I’m a sucker for some “all-in” memorabilia. It’s sad, but I just can’t help it! A couple of weeks ago I spotted these mint condition original 2002-era Oakley “Lance Armstrong” Signature Series sunglasses on eBay. I placed a cheeky bid. It turns out I must be the only sucker into this stuff, as I think I was the only bidder! They did cost me a bit (still far below original 2000’s retail price) but I’ve never owned a pair of Oakley sunglasses before and have always fancied some – so that’s kind of cool too.

Twenty years ago these retailed for AUD $395! Yes, almost four hundred dollars! I know this because the sunglasses came complete with the original purchase receipt. Factoring yearly inflation into that original price tag, it works out at around AUD $595 in today’s money… (US$430 or UK£320)

They’ll go perfectly with my US POSTAL team kit on the Trek 5200! Sure, nobody but me is going to notice or even realise they’re “period correct” but that’s not the point. I’ll know. Check out the Texas flag Oakley logo too, it’s the small details that make the difference!

Actually there’s a story behind the eBay auction. This was a piece from a larger collection of cycling gear owned by Glen, who was a huge US POSTAL and Lance Armstrong fan. He was sadly claimed by cancer in 2021, so his entire cycling collection was put up for sale to help his family.

From the original listing description: “…their greatest wish is that all the gear ends up in the hands of people who will love and enjoy using it as much as Glen did – or was going to. Don’t make that same mistake folks, seize every day.

These sunglasses may be a rare “collectors item” now, they may even retain their value if kept boxed up and in original perfect condition, but I am absolutely 100% going to wear them. I don’t subscribe to the “save it for a special occasion” mantra. I wear my best kit, ride my best bikes.

Every damn day above ground is a special occasion, make the most of it!

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  1. idlecyclist says:

    That’s pretty cool, also pretty sad as the original owner is now dead but it’s good that they’ve gone to someone that will properly appreciate and use them 👌

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  2. bgddyjim says:

    I know that’s right, brother. They obviously went to the right person.

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