Cycling with friends!

I can ride for hours in my own company. It’s something I’ve always done and always loved. I’m at peace with my own thoughts, with nothing but the hum of my tyres to get me lost down the open road. That said, there’s something extra special about a ride with a great bunch of like minded folk. Rolling turns, chatting rubbish, sprinting for signs and of course catching up over coffee!

For a while there COVID put an end to most bunch rides (and still has in some parts of the world) but as things slowly get back to normal I’ve been doing my best to get back into the bunch. It also helps to keep those bunch riding skills sharp! Staying smooth and sitting just inches away from the wheel in front at high speed takes continual practice to maintain your edge and confidence.

What’s that saying? Happiness shared is happiness doubled. So true and that definitely applies to cycling. So what are you waiting for? Round up some mates, grab your bike of choice and go smash some miles together! You can thank me later. :-) 

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  1. I was just sitting here thinking about posting something on this topic and your post popped up in my notifications. I dunno if I’ll join the PCCC ride tomorrow coz I need to do an FTP test and that’s kinda a bit embarrassing for a group ride. I may spew

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    1. Ouch! Ramp or 20-minute effort? You gonna do the FTP test on the trainer or outdoors?


      1. 20 min.. outdoors up Huon rd. I may actually die lol. But I need to do it coz I think I need to up my interval targets

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        1. Ohhhhh… 🤮🤮🤮


  2. Sheree says:

    Don’t, we’re in Lockdown II and back on the home-trainers.

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    1. Oh man so sorry! Take care over there!

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  3. Debs says:

    Love the enthusiasm here. Definitely need this spirit in my life. Keep the wheels rolling I will be following!!!

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    1. Thanks for dropping by! :-)


  4. I love cycling! Admittedly I prefer cycling on my own, but apart from that ‘tis the best sport imaginable! Lovely post and inspiring and I’m slowly and gently trying to persuade my other half to let me do another trip next May across France (this times west to east) and a little further … I think I have some work to do, but I’m with you … it’s a darn good sport! Katie

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    1. I’d love to do a cycling trip across France! It’s one of those things I should have done before leaving the UK. Keep those pedals turning! :-)

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      1. Will do! My darn bike is currently in storage though whilst we’re on this posting over here … but France is such a good place for cycling in. The roads are good and the drivers far better than in the U.K.!

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  5. snowgood says:

    For those of us who are happy with our own company & thoughts life is still pretty good.
    Having said that I love a good walk with a friend. Typically (for me) cycling is best done alone.
    I’m fairly sure one can’t legally ride in company in the UK right now.

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    1. I do most of my cycling alone, it’s a good dose of “me time” and like you I’m quite content with my own company. It is nice to have a wheel to draft behind every so often though.

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  6. Sustain blog says:

    With friends on cycles is the best thing that you can have. A good post!

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