Riding with my best bud, if only virtually

My best bud Carl and his wife Anita recently welcomed their first child into the world. A true blessing. That most joyous of arrivals does of course mean less time on two wheels for him as Daddy duties take priority!

Carl and I have never actually ridden together. He lives in Brisbane and I was in the UK for a decade and now down here in the depths of Tasmania. From memory we got into road cycling around the same time. We follow each other’s rides on Strava of course and chat bikes all the time, but never while wheel to wheel.

As a baby-arrival-present, I bought him a Wahoo KICKR Core smart trainer. I just had it delivered to his doorstep out of the blue. Surprise mate! Here’s an implement of torture for you! Haha! Now he can get some decent saddle time in on Zwift without having to leave the house. He’ll also get super strong, which worries me for when we do actually ride together (who am I kidding, he’s already super strong).

Tonight, we got to ride together for the first time ever! Okay so it was only virtually, but it was still ace. Carl and I have been friends since high school, but I haven’t seen him for years and years now. Too long. It was a real blast to ride around a virtual London together and chat for a bit. Something that even a few years ago wouldn’t have been possible.

Zwift has made that possible!

There’s still a lot of negativity towards Zwift from the cycling purists out there, but the world is changing. I’ve been a Zwift fan since my first ride. Now being able to ride with a mate who is 2000+ kilometres away is yet another reason why Zwift is actually awesome. I’d go as far as to say revolutionary. Ride On!

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  1. im not sure if im following you on zwift or not. thatd be a great way for us to ride together as well :)

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    1. I’ll have a look on the companion app and try to find you! 😎

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  2. Sheree says:

    Mmm, I’m someone who loves to ride on their own.


  3. alexmwilkins says:

    Interesting, an intercontinental virtual ride with a real buddy. Like something from a Sci-Fi movie. Pretty neat idea.

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    1. The future is here! 😆


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