Choose outside (a ride with the State Champ)

Hitting the turbo trainer may be the fastest way to fitness, but I’m of the opinion that you should NEVER pass up an outdoor ride when given the opportunity. After all, bikes were made to caress the blacktop, not to be bolted to a stationary trainer in your garage!

I took advantage of some Sunday afternoon sunshine and rolled the Stealth out for a local spin. Half a mile up the road I heard somebody shout my name. It was none other than our resident Age Group State Road Race Champion! I’ve ridden with Paul a couple of times before and he’s an absolute beast on two wheels. He takes his cycling very seriously, but still remembers to enjoy the ride.

We both only had an hour or so to spare, so rolled together for a catch up chat and dig around our local circuit. Although fatigued from the turbo work, my legs actually felt great and the company had me pedalling a little harder than I would have on my own.

Discussing team tactics (pic from a previous ride)

The warm Autumn sunshine coupled with a cool afternoon sea breeze made for a superb ride. I just wish I’d had four hours to spare rather than one!

I got back with a shade over 22 miles on the Garmin, 1000 feet elevation gain and 19.5 mph average. Happy days. It may have only been a short ride, but it sure beat staring at the TV on my lonesome in the garage pedalling nowhere. Glad I chose to get outside.

Now to catch up on the Paris Roubaix highlights!

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  1. Great job! I try to ride outside often but the weather has not been so nice lately.

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