Once more into the darkness

Daylight savings ended last weekend down here in the deep south. The nights are closing in fast, temperatures are dropping and the woodshed is now fully stacked with a supply of seasoned firewood!

Summer has well and truly left Tasmania. Don’t feel too sorry for me though – it’s not like winter is here dull, grimy and damp like England or well below freezing with several feet of snow like Canada and parts of the USA! Right now as I look out of my window it’s a bright and sunny 11 degrees C.

With winter comes a retreat to the turbo during the week. Outside rides in the darkness here are too sketchy with the risk of colliding with wildlife a real factor. I prefer to get my training done on the turbo, where I can hammer without the risk.

I’m about to start another 10-week block of The Sufferfest training to kick start the colder months. My last block was a success, giving me a boost of fitness and great form going into Sally’s Ride and a blast up Mount Wellington last year. Hopefully those positive fitness results can continue.

For those of you on the flip side of the planet, enjoy your gorgeous Spring weather and coming Summer months. Be sure to get in plenty of sun soaked rides and eat your share of cake. You’ve earned it! :-)

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  1. The Omil says:

    Very impressed by the road sign showing the kangaroo lifting the front of the car – strong little beggars.

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    1. They breed ’em strong down here!


  2. Mark says:

    Ridelondon training … starts here.. LOL 11 degrees and sunny… (just)

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