Snoopy, cycling and living a full life

A fellow Tasmanian posted a quote on her website recently that resonated with me. Sharron is quite the cyclist and adventurer, clocking up serious mileage on the roads and also on Zwift (she’s the leading female Zwifter) as well as travelling the world. The quote was from Snoopy and simply read…

Charlie Brown said to Snoopy, “We only live once, Snoopy.”
He responded, “Wrong! We only die once. We live every day.”

I actually started cycling for adventure – I had visions of pedalling away from society, tent strapped to the bike and lungs full of fresh air. It was from that starting point that I gravitated towards road cycling (what can I say, I just like going faster).

I don’t like standing still – literally or metaphorically – I want to see more and do more. Cycling gives me a main course of adventure with a healthy side dish of physical and mental fitness!

As you probably saw on the news, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burnt down last week. If you’ve never been, it was an absolute wonder to behold. Paris was my first European adventure when I moved to the UK. April and I spent an unforgettable seven days wandering the streets on and off the tourist trail.

It was the start of honing our “travel sixth sense” for hidden gems, danger spots and tourist scams. I have fond memories of fending off gypsy kids and spotting pickpockets on the steps of Notre Dame!

If you ever reach a point in your life where you’re deciding between settling or travel and adventure, choose adventure every time. It doesn’t even have to have anything to do with cycling. Just living life. Given the opportunity to travel the world endlessly, I would drop everything to do so. I’ve seen so much of this planet yet still so little. Give me a backpack and my passport, the rest will take care of itself. Enjoy your Easter long weekend! :-)

Listen to Snoopy and remember to live every day.

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Awesome post, man, and too true you are.

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    1. Thanks, bro. Enjoy your Easter break with your family. 🙂


      1. bgddyjim says:

        Definitely! Same to you, man.

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  2. That’s all so true! I honestly wish I am able to go on all the trips I wish to some day, especially on a cycle! That’s just bliss

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