Bike Weight Loss Part 3: The Results

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, here’s the rub. Shedding weight off your bike is NOT cheap. In fact it’s downright expensive if you do it properly. If you have weight to lose bouncing around your midsection, then it’s much more cost effective to slash those pounds first! Fact. Save your money, take your loved one on a romantic date instead.

But with the money spent and shiny new parts installed, upgrading to a new wheelset and groupset shaved a grand total of  559 grams.  That’s the equivalent of carrying full bidon of water. Actually, a bit less! Getting back to the “bike vs body” debate, you could easily ditch half a kilo around your midsection by eating a couple less slices of cake over the next week! Plus that’d SAVE you money. So unless you look like this:

Save your hard earned money and just pedal a bit harder while eating less cake. But of course it’s your money, your bike and your life – so spend your cash how you see fit! Plus it’s not all just weight savings, there’s the alleged performance benefits of the higher spec parts also. Here’s a quick breakdown of those weight savings:

Quick snap in front of my garage door, should have done better sorry…

You can work out if the expense is worth the savings. That all depends on your budget and enthusiasm. As a final step I hung the bike on my digital fishing scales and my alloy framed Kinesis Aithein – complete with cages, pedals, etc – is now down to to 7.45kg or in old money roughly 16.4 pounds. Good enough for me.

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Bike Weight Loss Part 3: The Results

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Btw, if you really want to go “old money”, did you subtract your pound for the pedals and cages? Those don’t count as “bike weight” technically.


    1. No I didn’t. That would require removing them to weigh it without, I was too lazy to do that!


      1. bgddyjim says:

        I just call them a pound, total. I’m too lazy also. Chuckle. 👍

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