2020 Resolution Ride #5 – Body battered by broken backroads

Yo! It’s Wednesday and I’ve knocked out a cracking 110km ride! How awesome is life right now? Pretty damn awesome…

Today’s ride was a tour of all the broken, bumpy country backroads around my area. Or at least it seemed that way, it wasn’t on purpose I can tell you that! There was also plenty of roadworks going on to throw even more rubbish road surfaces under the wheels of my stiff, unforgiving alloy race bike!

This was weird. Not sure what the green is they spray on the sides!

My race bred Kinesis Aithein may be agile and super responsive, but a plush ride she ain’t! The roads today were so rough they rattled my bottle cage bolts loose.

The face of a madman after four hours in the saddle!

It was forecast to be a warm day with a gentle breeze, but this is Tasmania so even when it’s not supposed to be windy, it’s windy. In fact it was a stiff breeze that just happened to be a soul-crushing headwind for the initial outward leg.  Boy was I glad to hit the turn and be rewarded with a tailwind. To go from grinding away at 25km/hr to soft pedalling at 35+ was like heaven.

It was my first ride with the Cycliq rear light/camera. After a lot of subtle suggestions from the loving wife, I finally caved and got an on-bike camera. I used the rear unit today and over the four hour ride I thankfully didn’t experience any aggressive or dangerous driving. The footage is clear enough to pick out number plates at speed.

So that’s five resolution rides down, six to go. We’re sliding towards winter here in the Southern Hemisphere so the long rides are going to get tougher, although if restrictions are eased I might be able to throw in a cafe stop! Until next time…

Distance: 110 km / 68.5 miles
Total elevation gain: 870 m / 2850 feet
Average speed: 28.1 kph / 17.5 mph

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  1. idlecyclist says:

    Chapeau 💪👌👏

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    1. Thanks! 🚴🏻‍♂️


  2. well done my friend, nice ride

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  3. Nice to see a “Woking” jersey in Australia!


    1. Gotta represent! It’s certainly travelled a long way from home. :-)

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