I treated myself to a little WordPress enhancement recently. I thought it was about time I switched from the “wordpress.com” URL to just the dot com. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, so I hit the upgrade button and secured tempocyclist.com for this site.

Thanks to my numerous four or five followers for taking time out of your life to read my posts. I appreciate it and hope at least some of them were either helpful or entertaining.

Anyway, boring blog post over. Back to normal service shortly…

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  1. Neil Morrison says:

    Seemingly it is the first step in becoming a rich blogger.

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    1. So it seems, although I won’t quit my regular job just yet…


  2. Tasmanian Beaches says:

    I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing. I want one ending .au so maybe like you it’s time to stop procrastinating. and just do it. And thanks for your blog – I enjoy it.

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    1. Thanks! I kinda want the .com.au one too! ;-)


  3. biking2work says:

    Its a good read and you did brings us the lazy cyclists flapjack after all!


    1. Haha! Cheers! I actually made another batch of that flapjack last night. So good and so easy. Just munching on a piece now…


  4. enjoy your summer weather lad. get riding


    1. Yes, sir! :-) January wasn’t an amazing month for mileage as I was still easing back in after the crash. Hopefully still plenty of good weather to come!

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      1. Hope you can do well.


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