The most important metric to measure when cycling

Average speed?
Elapsed time?
Total time?
Elevation gain?
Strava segment times?
Average HR?
Average power?
Normalised power?
Training Stress Score?


The most important metric to measure the success of your ride is … the width of the smile it puts on your face!

Even the ballistic fast guys (Big Jim) and the epic climbers (Old Man in Lycra) will agree here. At the end of the day – unless you get paid by race results or sponsors – we do this because we love it! So remember to look up from your Garmin (other brands available) once in a while and enjoy the ride!

Shoutout to Elz @ thelonelycyclist! Miss you babe!

So next time you ride, be sure to measure that smile! #ridelots #keepsmiling

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  1. Anthony says:

    I usually counted how many other people on bikes raised their hands to you.

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    1. Always give the nod or a wave, or a cheery hello if I have enough breath! :-)

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  2. bgddyjim says:

    Truer words have never been written, brother. Chapeau. And thank you!

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  3. The Omil says:

    Yesterday’s ride made me smile … and so did this!!

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  4. davedove says:

    Well said that man! 100% correct.

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  5. Adam Hayton says:

    I completely agree with this. A great post.
    By the way, the tandem mountain bike looks like great fun.


    1. Thanks! April and I hired that tandem MTB in Hungary a few years back so we could explore the local area together. It was certainly great fun and I totally want one!


      1. Adam Hayton says:

        I recently watched a YouTube video with a couple on one, it looked great and resulted in a few impressive falls 👍.
        Unfortunately my wife isn’t buying into it – yet!

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  6. thecheekycyclist says:

    What a great post and great message! Love it!


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