The joy of pre-work rides

Now that the weather is improving and there is a decent amount of daylight early in the morning, I’ve started to get into the habit of pre-work rides. It’s a great way to get a solid hour in before starting work!

It’s taken a bit of logistics and forward planning though. I ride my motorbike to/from work so I’ve had to leave one of my road bikes (luckily I own a few) at the office, along with some spare clothes, kit and basic bike stuff like chain lube, track pump, etc. I’m lucky in that respect too as I am able to have a good setup at the office.

I’ve commandeered this spare office to be my bike workshop!

There’s no shortage of testing climbs within a 10 minute warm-up ride, including some of Hobart’s Top 10 Climbs such as Mount Nelson (Cat 2), Strickland Avenue (Cat 3) and The Domain (Cat 4). But currently my favourite morning ride is a rolling blast along the  Inner City Cycleway, which provides a relatively smooth and car-free out and back course from the centre of town.

It’s a two-way shared path that roughly follows the old railway track. When it’s not busy it can provide an even tempo effort for the majority of the route – although the many intersections, road crossings and morning runners can mess with that! ;-)

So now a few times a week I get in early and smash out a solid hour on the bike before starting work. I get to beat the morning rush hour, get the endorphins flowing and set myself up nicely for the day ahead, something I miss from my cycle commuting days.

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  1. Bill Chance says:

    Really interesting – I’m trying to get in pre-work rides – unfortunately, here on the other side of the world, it’s getting darker and darker. I do have a good set of lights, though.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. bgddyjim says:

    That’s awesome, man. You’re fortunate to have that.

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    1. It’s getting there. All I need is a bed and I could just live at work, haha!

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      1. bgddyjim says:

        I’d keep that between you and I, brother. Otherwise you’ll show up one day to find a futon in your office (it’s an inexpensive folding bed/couch).

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  3. The Omil says:

    Makes me sad to be retired …. almost.

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