Isolation Diaries: Backyard Trail Build

Like many living through the Covid-19 crisis, I’ve found myself with a bit of extra free time on my hands. We’re not in 100% lock down here in Australia yet, but it’s been “strongly advised” by the government to stay home unless necessary.

I’ve never been happier that I decided to buy a 3.5 acre rural block and not an apartment in the city! Even if the country is put under total house arrest, I’ll still have the luxury of being able to get out and about on my own land – and what better way to use that land than to build some backyard trails! 

Breaking ground to shape the first feature, a little rock ledge.

Starting from the highest point in one of the fields, I’ve marked out the start of the first trail section. It’ll eventually flow down to the lowest point, with a few different features along the way and possibly a separate climbing trail. Hopefully a few rollers, a switchback or two and some drops, depending on how difficult the project turns out to be! So far I’ve only completed the lead-in, the first rock ledge and dirt turn into where the next feature will be. 

Of course I give it a test ride each time make a change!

Clearing the grass is a real pain, it’s not your average lawn grass and I’m doing it all manually. Maybe I need a digger? Not to worry though, I recon I’m going to have enough spare time over the next few months to make some decent progress!

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  1. idlecyclist says:

    You should have a look at Seth’s Bike Hacks on YouTube. I’ve been following him for a few years and he builds some cool stuff

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    1. Nice! I think his build skills far outweigh mine currently! But I’ll work on that. 🙂

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  2. bgddyjim says:

    Really cool, man.

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    1. Gotta keep busy somehow!

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  3. cool stuff having your own trails! ffs lol

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