Sorry boss, can’t come in today. Gotta ride my bike!

Having built up enough time in lieu recently and it being somewhat quieter at work this month, I decided today was as good a day as any to cash in those hours and get out for a proper weekday ride! Not a short pre-work or after-work spin, but a longer ride in the sunshine complete with mid-ride cafe stop. Luckily my boss is a mad keen cyclist (mountain biker, but we won’t hold that against him) so he understands when I need to spend some time on two wheels.

I dropped my lovely wife at work, parked the car locally, unloaded the bike and escaped the world for a few hours in the saddle.

There’s a small bunch that ride every Tuesday at 9am, so after a short local loop to get the blood pumping I joined their ride down to the coast and back. It was great to have some wheels to follow for a change. Sharing the workload into the 40km/hr headwind was also very much welcome! Solo rides are great, but swapping turns on the front and keeping the bunch rolling along at speed really is something quite special.

Probably not a day for 60mm deep rims, but HOT DAMN they look good.
Also, I was the only person on the bunch ride still using rim brakes!

At the 80km mark we all split for home. Well, apart from me. I had more miles to munch! Today was all about endurance miles, getting the legs and lungs ticking over at a decent, but not overly difficult pace. Now riding solo again with no wheels to hide behind, the outward leg into the headwind was a tough slog! But hitting the turn made it all worthwhile and the home stretch was almost all wind-at-my-back smooth sailing. I finally rolled back to the car, huge smile on my face and over 120km showing on the Garmin.

I do love a good weekday ride. After the commuter rush is over, the roads are much quieter and knowing you’re out enjoying the fresh air, while others are toiling away in an office makes the ride even sweeter. I really must do this more often!

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Weekday rides are the best, man. Well, except weekend rides, maybe… and road trips…

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  2. Even in my old age (in my 60’s) I still love to bike. I am so thankful that I can still do it. My secret is that I hit the gym and cycle every morning for a solid hour.

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