Never pass an opportunity to ride!

Recently, April and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We booked a few nights at away Freycinet Lodge on Tasmania’s East Coast to relax and unwind (Tassie’s East Coast is purely sublime, you must visit). Being a very special occasion for the both of us, I opted to leave the bikes at home.

Turns out the Lodge had hire bikes for guests! ;-) It would have been rude not to take one for a little spin, so I made sure April was happy to relax by the fireplace for a couple of hours (plus it was cold and raining) before I headed out into the National Park.

You never know what or who you’ll stumble across while out on cycling in Tasmania. Out near Wineglass Bay I met this little fella…

He was just waiting around for a friendly pat! Okay so it was most likely food he was after, but he was friendly all the same. Most wallabies are nowhere near this tame around humans, so I suspect he’s worked out that in the summer there’s no shortage of tourists willing to share a crumb or two. Please don’t feed the wildlife.

Given the opportunity I never pass on a bike ride, even if it is on a clunky hire bike with a rusty chain and rubbing brakes. In fact those are usually the most fun!

Have a great weekend and keep those pedals turning!

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