Chasing the Pixel Peloton

I’ve put over 1000 virtual km’s on the digital roads of Zwift so far and it’s safe to say that I’m pretty addicted to the program. I’ve ridden the lusciously tropical Watopia, storm soaked streets of London and also the Richmond World Champs course. I still can’t believe I’m spending so many hours on the trainer and actually looking forward to getting home from work and jumping on the rollers – and it’s summer!!!

sweetspot-flierHard fought virtual miles …

An aspect of Zwift that I love are the organised group rides. Just like out on the road with your buddies, trying to stay with the bunch and keep the pace high is seriously good fun. It’s strangely social while cycling alone in a dark room. Even though it’s just a bunch of pixels on the screen, not being dropped by the pixel peloton is one hell of a motivator to keep the wattage high!

thirds… result in real world smiles! (and Strava bragging rights)

The time on the trainer is still flying by and I’m starting to see positive results from all that hard work when I get out on the road. Or maybe I’ll sell my other bikes, buy an expensive Tacx Neo smart trainer plus a big high definition TV, then not have to ever cycle outside again? Hmmmm! #virtualmiles

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