A bike is a fitness maker, not a body breaker!

Earlier today I was reading a post by Big Jim over at Fit Recovery. It’s worth a read as always and he sums it up nicely that cycling has never caused him an injury that has forced him off the bike.

I am firmly in the same camp. Cycling has never caused me any serious injuries. Sure, I’ve had the odd niggle when my bike wasn’t quite as dialled in as it should have been, but nothing that’s kept me off the bike. Certainly nothing that couldn’t be sorted with a few adjustments to my bike fit here and there. I can bang out 100+km rides without having to worry about breaking myself.

A big part of that is down to having my bike dialled in to near perfection, or at least as close as I can get without heading to a professional bike fit studio. That of course makes a HUGE difference. If you’re riding a poorly fitted bike then you’re setting yourself up for injury or an uncomfortable ride. Either spend some time researching proper fit or if you’re in serious pain, consult a professional.

Review: MyVeloFit Online Bike Fit

That’s not to say I’ve had NO injuries. I’ve hit the bitumen a couple of times – thankfully no broken bokes! Sketchy patches of black ice and distracted drivers have caught me out in the past. Overall though, considering the miles I’ve covered over the years I’ve been incredibly lucky and/or blessed with trouble-free cycling. Riding a bike fast should only hurt in a good way!

Unlike some other sports, recreational hobbies and activities…

A bike is a fitness maker, not a body breaker!

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  1. kirkmtb says:

    Like you I’ve never injured myself on the road but…. I once asked on an MTB forum if anyone else had broken anything. It turns out that my list of both little fingers, one collar bone, two crushed vertebrae and half a dozen ribs is next to nothing compared to many.

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    1. Mountain bikers are CRAZY! In peak season the Tasmanian ER is full of mountain bikers who’ve taken a serious spill either on the gnarly DH courses at Maydena or just overcooking it on the many public trails.

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  2. no injuries from riding only crashes in races. broken elbow and a dislocated finger + plenty of skin in races

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    1. Ouch! This is probably the 2nd biggest reason I never got into crit or road racing! I prefer to keep my “crash likelihood” as low as possible. The first reason being the logistics of getting to/from races.

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  3. bgddyjim says:

    Great way to put it, brother. And thanks for the hat tip. :D

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