May Round Up: A month of metric century rides

It seems I just can’t help myself. Even with winter just around the corner, it’s another month, another increasing distance total. For the previous two months now I’ve said that my monthly total would drop, but with every single month this year my mileage has surpassed the month before it! That has just GOT to end this month. Daylight hours are dwindling, temperatures are seriously dropping and the wind is increasing. There were far less short-sleeved rides this month…

May Distance: 1265 km / 786 miles
Elevation gain: 9910 m / 32,510 feet

Fuelling the bump in distance were a number of metric century rides, seven in total this month! I think it’s my “gotta get the big rides in before the weather turns” mentality coupled with feeling strong on the bike. Whatever it is, May has been another great month on two wheels for me.

With the dark evenings, we only managed to sneak in one #Velo7173 Weekday Chain Gang in May. We made it a good one though with a number of long-standing PB’s tumbling around the loop. I think it’s fairly safe to say that the weekday evening ride is now shelved until the latter part of this year. Something to look forward to!

I don’t usually set a distance goal for the year, but I did give myself an arbitrary target of 10,000km. I managed that last year so it seemed like a round number to plug into Strava’s goals. Strava gives you a running total and shows you how far ahead or behind you are. I’m at a shade over 5,400km for 2021 so far, which is around 1000km ahead of target.

June is the start of winter PROPER here, so maybe, it’s fair to say (again?) that I’ll see a drop in overall distance heading into the next couple of months. I’ve had a good run of things though so I certainly can’t complain. The thermal bib tights are at the ready and so are the thick sub-zero Castelli gloves. Roll on winter!

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