Groundhog Day!

Yo! Say what now? You’re telling me an entire month of 2021 has flown by already? Damn. You turn 40 and all of a sudden time starts to slip away faster than cake crumbs through a fat kid’s fingers. (sorry, not sorry)

Oh and happy Groundhog Day! For anyone reading this who doesn’t know what Groundhog Day is, well, ummm, Google it…

January was a bit of a slow burner for me as far as two wheeled pursuits go. Some developments at work meant I had to put in consecutive long days, leaving less time for important things like riding my bike. It’s all good I guess. I probably needed a lower volume month truth be told.

I did manage to put a few miles on this beauty though.

That’s not to say it was a bad month on the bike, just not quite as many hours as I would have liked. I still knocked out a January 100km with ease, set some new power personal bests and even took a trip out to Maydena Bike Park to huck it down big hills with those dirty stump jumping mountain bike types.

A trip up the East Coast meant I could tick off another Tassie climb too.

Looking forward, the plan is to instil more structure into my riding. I need to start doing some of the tough sessions I know I need to do, but really do not like to do! I also need get my food intake dialled. It’s mid-summer here and I’m definitely not at “summer weight” so to speak.

Or to put it bluntly, I’m carrying an extra water bottle or two around the waist. So the plan for February? Pedal harder, eat healthier! Too easy, right? #notrocketscience

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