Zwift: Do you love New York?

Zwift recently released their latest course – New York City – and I just had to see what all the fuss was about. This particular rendition is a small part of the city including the very famous Central Park, but with a big twist. This “world” is set 100 years in the future.

The ground-level roads are all real-world recreations, but the “climbs” are fictional, set on glass roads that rise high above the street. It’s a strange choice, but it does make for some pretty stunning visuals. No doubt the graphic design team have been working hard! There’s no long Epic KOM or Box Hill style climb (yet) just punchy shorter ones that average 10% or more.

Any additional Zwift content is always welcome of course , but I just wasn’t blown away by this map. Maybe I’m just expecting too much or I’ve been Zwifting too long, but I was left underwhelmed. The futuristic glass roads didn’t do it for me. I prefer more realism (in my virtual worlds, hehe). It felt a little too Mario Kart.

The futuristic setting does make sense. It gives the programmers much more freedom when creating new roads and climbs. Plus it draws in the video game crowd, who are more keen on the gaming aspect of Zwift. It’ll be interesting to see where they take NYC from this starting point. I didn’t hate the course, I just didn’t love it. I love the London course but maybe that’s because I’ve ridden many of the roads, perhaps I’d love NYC if I’d ridden there too?

And the gurus Zwift STILL haven’t given us free world choice. With FIVE different maps now on rotation, it’s time to give customers what they want, manual world selection without hacking!

If you’ve tried the Zwift NYC map, how did you find it? #RideOn

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  1. I quite like NYC. The map will divide opinion but I think the rolling nature of it is better for racing

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    1. Yeah I can see the ground level roads being good for racing, as those sharp lumps are enough for punchier riders to get away.


    2. Having done a race or two on NYC now, I can see it’s a good course for breaking apart races. Being a lighter rider, there are plenty of sharp ramps I can try and split the bunch on! ;-)


  2. I love the NYC course! I’m able to get a decent amount of elevation per given distance in, without my average speed significantly dropping – something I’ve found harder to achieve on other courses. I love the futuristic sky-roads, even if they do ramp up!!

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    1. I’m getting used to the glass roads now. :-)

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  3. John Hallas says:

    I left Zwift because I was so disenchanted with the NYC course and the way Zwift was going.

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