Tempo’s Triple Distilled (E001)

“Without order there is chaos, without structure there is instability, without discipline there is lack of personal growth.” – Unknown

For us in the Southern part of the globe, we are starting to see some bold signs of Spring on the way. Thoughts turn to summer event goals, tan lines and long rides under clear blue skies. It’s not quite there yet, but we can almost taste it. So with “springtime” in the air, this week I have…

1) Started a training plan. I’ve been getting up at 5am to crush The Sufferfest workouts on the trainer – or more accurately they’ve been crushing me! I thought it was about time to sharpen my fitness for the coming summer. Luckily I downloaded all the workout videos I needed in advance because this week I also…

2) Had my home internet cut off. Not on purpose mind you! We are getting a gate put in at the front of our property and I think the builder may have dug through our internet cable when putting in the support posts. That or it’s a strange coincidence. Either way it’s not cool and I’ve got no broadband to the house! I’ll find out for sure when Telstra come and inspect on Wednesday. I can still connect the laptop to the 3G network, but it’s painfully slow.

UPDATE: It wasn’t our builder thankfully! It was old mate a few houses down who didn’t “dial before he dug” and went straight through the cable.

3) Ridden outside in winter kit, and again in shorts. Thursday morning dropped to 2 degrees C and frosty, which made for a bracing pre-work recovery ride. In total contrast, Saturday afternoon was a balmy 18 degrees under the blazing Tassie sun! Happy days!

How were the last seven days for you? :-)

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  1. The Omil says:

    Short of inspiration! Good luck with the internet.

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