The Journeyman Cyclist

A great philosopher once said “The journey of a thousand pedal strokes starts with a single crank rotation.” Or at least it was something along those lines, more or less.

The greatest rides aren’t always the ones where you obsess over average speed, they may not even be the longest rides, they’re the ones you remember for different reasons. They’re about the journey.

Maybe it was a spectacular sunrise on a crisp winter’s morning, a breathtaking view as you crest a long climb, or a fast flowing descent that made you feel 100% alive, or simply time spent pedalling under perfect blue skies surrounded by good friends.

Or perhaps it was some much needed “me time” alone in the saddle, leaving the stresses of modern life behind for an hour, a day, a week.

Be a journeyman. Soak in the serenity. Put all that training to good use and embrace the beauty of the ride. For without the journey, there is no destination. #keepcycling

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