Always listen to the weatherman (and the wife)

Yesterday morning and I’m checking the weather forecast one last time. I’ve got to drop the wife at the airport by 9:15am then I’ll be on the bike by 9:45am. The forecast is predicting a 30% chance of rain. I smugly think to myself, I’ll take those odds!

I tell Mrs tempocyclist I’m putting the good bike in the car, all freshly serviced and sparkling clean. An avid weather-checker herself, she simply replies – and I paraphrase slightly – “You’re a fool, take the rain bike, it’s going to piss down.”

Of course, I didn’t listen.

I dropped her off – still smug – unpacked the bike and rolled out of the car park with the sun shining on my back. Winning. Totally smug! Ten minutes later I was drenched. The sky darkened, the wind whipped up and the heavens opened! And not just 30% chance opened. For two hours I was battered by an army of relentless raindrops. My exquisitely clean Stealth splattered with mud and mucky road grime. I almost called it quits but thought, you can’t get much wetter now so you may as well keep pedalling! So I did …

… and I’m glad I did. The rain finally eased and the sun even made an appearance over the final 20km (just to cake all that mud firmly to my frame). I rolled back to the car with a whisker over 114km on the Garmin, an aching in my legs and a smile on my face. I even used my temporary bachelor status to bring the bike into the lounge room to dry and polish by the fire (after a good wash outside of course).

So maybe I shouldn’t listen to the wife after all…? *

* Always listen to your wife. Happy wife = happy life.

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  1. ericritter65 says:

    So 18.6MPH for 70-miles, in the rain, impressive!

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    1. Thanks. I actually didn’t look at my average speed once during that ride (a rarity for me). It’s good bang out those winter base miles at speed! :-)


  2. Similar principle to washing the car….count on some rain soon.

    Listening to your wife. Well for me that’s a life challenge and I’m listening more. I’m finding that if I repeat her comment/s respectfully, It kind of disarms her and in doing so typically we both walk away smiling. Even if I still go ride in the rain. We both find some humor in the dialogue.

    No matter the conditions, a bike ride is oxygen for the soul and stimulates creative thought. Oh yea, you gotta smile.

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    1. Oxygen for the soul. I love that!


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