Cycle Life Challenge 2018

I stumbled across the Cycle Life Challenge while reading fellow Tasmanian rider Tony’s cycling blog. Providing a bit of fun and motivation, it’s a yearly challenge to get people out riding more and supporting the local community.

The rules (more like guidelines) are simple, straightforward and open to each rider’s interpretation. All it requires is seven rides in seven weeks, but with a little twist. Here’s the basic format from their website:

1. Go on a bike ride at least seven times between March 9th and April 30th.

2. Support the local economy through which you ride by some sort of purchase.

3. Post accounts of your rides with photographic proof of rules 1 and 2.

More details at:

Simple, right? :-) There’s no doubt I will ride more than seven times during the challenge period, but that’s not the point.

For the challenge rides I’ll focus more on the spirit of the challenge and support a various local small businesses. I’ll also be sure take the time to enjoy some different scenery and reel off a few Instagram snaps along the way!

Extra serving of coffee and cake anyone? #keepcycling

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  1. what a great idea.

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