Following a training plan?

I’ve never been very good at following a training plan, I tend to be sporadic in my input hours and struggle to consistently schedule in the sessions. Plus I usually prefer to just ride my bike.

The two times I have managed to complete a proper plan I’ve had great results. First I tried Graeme Obree’s method (a basic but hard winter turbo training plan) and more recently the Zwift Academy four week plan. Apart from that, I’ve improved by enjoying the ride and pedalling a little harder each time!

Recently Direct Power Coaching were offering their “FTP Challenge” plans out for free, so I imported one into Training Peaks to check it out.

From what I can see it’s a basic low cadence strength, sweetspot, leg speed combo with some core work thrown in. I would need to tweak it to fit to my time schedule plus add some strength and upper body conditioning (looking too much like a cyclist these days). Now if I can figure out how to import those workouts into Zwift I’ll be set!

Do you follow a training plan? Or just ride?

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    LOL… My plan is two words: Pedal harder! A lot like yours.

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    1. Haha yeah I hear ya! Pedalling harder, it’s the super secret training technique! Don’t give it away to everyone! ;-) That seems to work for me, so why complicate matters?

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  2. I just ride. As a 67yo woman, I am just glad I can still manage to cycle camp and ride nearly every day anywhere between 6-60 miles but a 60 mls will take me all day

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    1. Total respect for that! I’m not even sure why I need a training plan, it’s not like I’m training for anything in particular.

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  3. arealwookie says:

    Those who fail to plan – plan to fail. I have been following periodized training programs since my late teens, roughly 40 years of XC skiing and cycling. Wandering around on a bike with no real plan often leads to consistently mediocre rides, junk miles so to speak. Nevertheless, just winging it works for me on days I feel stale and unmotivated – about the last three months ;-) Time to go shovel the snow off my driveway! Take care.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Every mile I do is good for my soul, and in that sense they can’t be junk! :-) Of course if you get paid by racing results, it’s a totally different story. Time to put my plan into action!

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  4. Hey Clem, great post. Following the plan is always difficult for me. I figured out how to import TP Workouts into Zwift the other day. Was going to write out directions and decided to make a video instead. Here you go:

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    1. Awesome will check that out later on! Will have some Zwift time while my hand fully heals.


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