Exploring the Tasman Peninsula on two wheels

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take my bike down onto the Tasman Peninsula for a ride along the coast and into the hills. It was one of those rare and perfect early winter evenings. Still mild enough to have the legs out, not a drop of wind and hardly a car to contend with.

It’s not often enough I get out on the road these days and this ride certainly reminded me of what I am missing out on!

During the summer  the roads down on the Peninsula are jammed full of tourist rental cars and badly driven camper vans, but outside of peak season you can almost have the place to yourself. It really is a little slice of island paradise. If it weren’t for the fading light I could have ridden for hours, but in the end I rolled back to the house with a shade over 51km on the Garmin, three Cat 4 Climbs, 28kph average, two Strava KOMS and one absolutely stunning sunset to finish off the ride. Some days life is just ohhh so sweet and it makes you thankful to be alive. #keepthosepedalsturning

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    I love days like that, brother… but you’re in winter and can have the legs out?! That’s not fair!

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    1. Yep been a mild winter so far! Full body coverage if you head out early morning, but an afternoon or evening ride can be done with the legs out (as long as you pedal hard enough to keep them warm).

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  2. what time does it get dark at night?


    1. Sunset is around 4:45pm at the moment I guess, light fades by 5pm. Shortest day is next week.


      1. Thank you . Here in the north of the uk at mid winter we have it dark by 4.00pm. I love our long days light by 4.30am dark by 10pm. Still all that will change in the circle of the year


        1. Yep it’s similar to the UK when it comes to the daylight cycle, but the winter isn’t as harsh or cold. All my English winter cycling kit is still packed away in the suitcase!

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  3. alexmwilkins says:

    Love those rides…

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