Winter project: Converting the TT bike into a fast road bike

This winter’s project is to convert my Planet X time trial bike into a road bike. I love riding the TT bike, but there’s not much of a TT scene around here and I’m not getting enough use out of it. It’d be great (I think) to use it as an aero road bike for a while.

With a bit of Googling I tracked down a pair of new old stock SRAM Rival 10-speed shifters to compliment the rest of the 10-speed drivetrain. These were harder than expected to source now that everything has gone 11-speed, I had to get them sent over from the UK.

As I’m not even sure if I’ll like how it rides with drop bars I didn’t want to splash out on a completely new groupset. I think I can live without that one extra gear now now. The old SRAM Rival stuff is actually pretty ace and the bike is already sporting  SRAM carbon cranks. Of course the SRAM eTap upgrade kit would have been nice… ;-)

As for bars I’m waiting for a good deal on some carbon aero topped bars, possibly 3T or similar. Although it won’t be a TT bike anymore I still want it to be slippery and these just look fast, which is half the fun!

The geometry of the Stealth frame will make for a fairly aggressive position so we shall see if it even works as a roadie. If not, I can always convert it back! Anyways it’ll give me something to tinker with on those cold winter weekend mornings.

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    It’ll make a FINE road rig! Definitely go with the aero drop bars. I love mine!

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    1. Cheers. Should be a fun little project.

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  2. Tim James says:

    Just doing the same on a Planet X Stealth. Its a newer version so has 11 speed Rival 22. Am used to Shimano road shifters and reckon 105 11 speed will work fine to looking out for a used set and cheap bars to test it all out. Good luck with the project!

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    1. Awesome! I had to go a longer stem to get my position right. Also not really digging the SRAM shifting so may switch to Shimano 11-speed if I find a good deal on it.


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