Ten Percent

That’s right folks, 10% of 2017 has already passed you by…

What have you achieved?

img_2978I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve been pushing at work for more control over the web development and Photoshop side of the business. That has meant I’ve basically created a new job for myself, instead of the work being outsourced. This has taken me from three days per week up to five. Working part time since leaving Sigma Sport has been great, but it’s time to step it up again.

My cycling has been going strong with a mix of road and virtual. I’ve been getting in a bunch of regular evening Zwift sessions. Team WBR have weekly group training rides that include tough intervals, sprint training and races. It’s a great way to clock up some really intense time in the saddle. On the road I’m still seeing the positive results from all that hard work.


I hope 2017 is falling into place for you all too. Those “up North” must be starting to feel the end of winter approaching now with thoughts turning to Spring and warmer, brighter outdoor miles! :-)

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Not quite yet on the winter breaking in the States yet. We’ve got another 5% to go. Seeing all that sun is ROUGH! We have a few months before the sun breaks through the clouds for the summer.

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    1. Keep pushing through it! All that winter effort will pay off when you’re even faster come summer and you’re flying on that Venge.

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      1. bgddyjim says:

        So far, so good. Thanks, brother.

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  2. bikegoddess says:

    More snow in the forecast for me this week, but I did get my Zwift set up. Sounds like life is good for you!

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    1. I can’t complain… ;-)

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  3. Good stuff mate, pleased to hear it’s been a positive start to 2017 for you, primarily due to you making it so.

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