Top 5 cycling gifts to buy for yourself this Christmas!

It’s that time of year again! Friends and relatives will be thinking of the worst best cycling related Christmas gifts to get you. They are possibly dropping hints or asking spouses for ideas. It’s a real minefield. You’re incredibly hard to buy for, don’t you know. This year, why not cut out the middle-man and simply buy the gear you want for yourself. After all, blatant mass consumerism is the true spirit of Christmas…

Here are my “Top 5 Cycling Gifts” you can buy for yourself this festive season.

Castelli Aero Race Jersey

Mate. Has anyone told you that old jersey has seen better days? Well, it has. You’re an embarrassment to the sharply dressed guys and gals in this paceline. Smarten up! Plus you’ve lost a few pounds recently and that XL is looking rather flappy. It’s costing you watts! High end jersey design has changed quite a bit over the past few years. There’s a big focus on aero, while retaining comfort and style. I think it’s time you splashed out on a new aero-fitting jersey from the likes of Castelli. While you’re at it, why not add a pair of matching bib shorts into your cart. You can never have too many.

KAPZ Custom Headset Cap

Personalise your ride with a custom printed headset cap. KAPZ have a huge range of designs on their website, and you can customise each with wording that suits you. They won’t make you faster, but they will make you fancier! They also do custom printed metal bar-end plugs, bolts, spacers, and other accessories.

I’ve got a neat USA flag headset cap plus some custom etched US POSTAL bar-ends on my Trek and I love them.

Dynaglug Tubeless Repair Kit

Are you running tubeless tyres? If so, then it’s hard to go past a DynaPlug. This tubeless puncture repair tool is one of the best rated tools on the market. If you get a hole that’s too large for sealant, simply pop the cap, jam the DynaPlug end into the hole in the tyre, then pull it out. The plug fills the gap and allows sealant to finish the job.

There are many brands of tyre plug on the market, but almost everyone who has used DynaPlug swears by it. I’ve not had to use mine yet, but I have absolute confidence that it would get the gob done quickly and efficiently.

Garmin Varia Radar

This is one of those products that you never knew you needed until you use it. Yes, I’ve ridden tens of thousands of miles without a radar, but it truly is one of those products that once you use, you can’t image NOT using. Okay so it’s maybe not quite that revolutionary, but it certainly provides you with useful information. The radar will alert you to cars approaching long before you can hear them, around 140 metres (450ft) back. You can then use that information to keep you safer (this of course does NOT replace a shoulder check). The rear light even blinks faster and brighter as vehicles approach.

It really is a remarkable device. I’ve got the new RTC715 model with the camera built in, but honestly unless you suffer from a lot of poor driving and think video evidence is useful where you live, I recommend going with the cheaper RTL515 which is just the radar and rear light.

Bar Tape from Lizard Skinz or SupaCaz

That grimy old black boring bar tape you’ve had on your bars for the last way too many years is past it’s prime. Freshen up your bike with some brand new bar tape. Why not go for something fancy? A pop of colour perhaps? Two of my favourite brands of bar tape are SupaCaz and Lizard Skins. Both are high quality, long lasting, and come in a range of sexy colours and patterns. It might cost a little more than the standard stuff, but it’s well worth it!

So there you have it. Five thoughtful gift ideas to get you started. You have my permission to go a little nuts, put a dent in the credit card, and splash out on yourself this year. You work hard, ride hard, and totally deserve it!

Is there anything you would add? Comment below and let me know! 🎅

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  1. For bar end plugs I use sparkling wine corks and their metal cages – as a benefit, when anyone asks, I can talk about the occasion for each (they both used to be from Prosecco bottles at my son’s wedding; now the second one is from a friend’s 79th birthday party one day before the end of a coast-to-coast North American tour). Radar seemed like an expensive frill, but I found myself no longer needing to yell “car back” to the person in front of me when I heard their radar beep – and sometimes it saw cars before I did. As for bar tape, I like Arundel. Also more expensive, but well-padded (handy on those 7000 km tours) and it can be removed and rewrapped multiple times (as I found when I had to do brake lever repairs). I do like the suggestion of buying your own gifts – that way you can be sure you get what you want and can get them at those Black Friday sales (except not when the suggestion comes on December 1 ;). That’s okay – my gift guide isn’t posting until later this week.

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  2. niall says:

    Big fan of buying my own gifts 👍 Very good suggestions there too 🙂

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  3. My favorite bar end plugs are screw-type compression plugs. I think I have some Orange Supercaz, but right now there are some plastic bash in plugs from the PRO tape I’m using. I found the bright orange and white SuperCaz wore through the color quick and got really grubby. Lizard skins didn’t fare too much better. Back in the day we used plastic tape and I had boxes of it I bought by the assorted box. Great fun to come up with an ugly/striking combination.
    This time of year here I always eye those ass-savers and stretch shoe covers for warmer feet.
    And always on the lookout for a brighter, rechargeable light set. I use lights on random blink pattern for day-time riding, in the hope the random bright light blinking might get a driver to look up from their phone and avoid running me down.

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    1. I’ve got a few of those Ass Savers lying around here as spares. Certainly a neat little product to “protect your ass” so to speak! Nowhere near as good as a proper mudguard/fender though if you ride in the rain and muck a lot. Thankfully I don’t all that often these days.


  4. I am getting g some ergon grips. Doesn’t apply to regular ad racing but great for touring

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  5. GeoKs says:

    Mr Geok is in charge of all things “bike” around here, but even he hasn’t come across the rear radar/light unit. Thanks for all the info needed to share something new with him.

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    1. It’s pretty nifty!


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