Charging towards Spring

Here we are, half way through the last month of Winter! In around two weeks it’ll officially turn to Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. The mornings and evenings are certainly getting that little bit lighter with each passing week. We’ve even had a couple of glorious Spring-like days already.

After a bit of a “training blip” I’ve got myself back into a rhythm. Over the past six weeks I’ve been hitting a session (or two) almost every day, and Strava tells me I’ve only had two complete days off in the last four weeks. That does include both cycling and running of course.

I’ve been trying to focus on quality sessions, rather than just racking up kilometres. It has been tricky getting the balance of cycling and running right. Over the Winter I have added structured intervals into some of my rides, both indoor and outdoor. I’ve also experimented with running intervals, varying the pace and adding “speed work” instead of just running for distance each time. This seems to be working out well as I’ve shaved a couple of seconds off my 5km PB time.

Strava also tells me I am about to reach 7000km for the year! 🚴‍♂️

To my readers in the Northern Hemisphere, how has your summer been so far?

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  1. Well done.
    Summer has been busy. Though I sort of shot myself in the foot or feet. Figuratively of course. I cut up both feet in June while surfing. I made enough of a job of it to keep myself out of shoes and socks for a good while. Then some family travel took some time and then a couple weeks of a summer cold. Thankfully not covid as we are vaccinated and double boosted.
    So the beginning of August saw me working my way back to distance and intensity.
    So far two weeks of four days riding with the last two being increased duration.
    I’ll be able to pick up some more training time in the next two weeks then more travel into September.
    Once back from that I’ll be on the bike or surfboard every day as much as I can stand.

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    1. Glad you’ve recovered from the injury! Sounds like you’re getting back into it nicely. I’ve thought about getting in the surf here as there’s a surf beach around 10 minutes down the road, but even summer the water is bloody freezing! 😅

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      1. Water is cold here, though warmer than winter. Our sense of what is cold is tempered with mild weather so 50°F air and 65°F water is frigid. I wear a wetsuit, a 2/3mm. So far it works. Tourists clog the break this time of year so us older folks give it up for them. The crowds will be gone when I get back from travel so I can hit it harder.

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  2. The Omil says:

    Spells of very hot temperatures and drought conditions for much of the UK – most unusual. Seems like I chose the wrong year to have done the 100km ultra last month! Enjoy your approaching summer and all the best with both the running and the cycling.

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    1. Thanks mate! 🙂 Very unusual weather patterns. You’ve had 40 degrees, and here this week we’ve got flooding…


  3. Steve Hellaby says:

    Always depresses me when you talk about Summer approaching and days getting longer because for us in the Northern Hemisphere it reminds me that we’re looking at the opposite. Can’t complain though because we’ve had one hell of a summer so far. Temperatures have been record breaking, with a recoded high of over 40 C, and the lack of rain is always a bonus when you’re out on the bike but concerning all the same as drought has now been declared in places.
    Stats so far this year 8,500 km. Retirement is such a bonus.

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    1. Nice one Steve! I’ve been seeing the crazy temperatures (and bushfires!) over there in England. Totally nuts. Love seeing your “pro cycling life” enjoying retirement.

      We’re actually flooded here in this week, so much rain. It’s just the drive, can’t get out, and lower end of the property, not the house thankfully.


  4. Fall is coming as I complete a 4000 mile (6500 km) traverse of North America. Temperatures have ranged from 35º (1º C) to 105º (40º C) and winds reached 100 mph (160 km/h) as I crouched on an exposed ridge holding the bike by handlebar and top tube as it flew horizontally, wheels toward the centerline of the road, waiting for the wind to die down so I could dash to the SUV of an anonymous rescuer. If I let go, I don’t think I would have seen the bike again. But it hasn’t been all fun and games ;)

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    1. Sounds like, ummm, fun… Hopefully some of that 100mph was at least a tailwind! 😂

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      1. Pure crosswind at that time. There have been tailwinds; our fair share.

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